Instance Search Format; Such as a file name (anime, video name, music name, or file extension (mp4, mp3, pdf, etc.)

Those who are interested in file upload sites will surely remember the closed Mega Upload site. The new heirs of this site, founded by Kim Dotcom, are and publishing under the name of

These sites, which are one of the most experienced names in the upload sector, give 20 GB of free storage to all users who are members. In this article, we will give general information about the sites by introducing our mega nz and mega io search engine feature.

Search, Find and Download Files Installed on Servers

When a file upload or cloud storage service with another name has an active user base, visitors need to search for files uploaded to this platform. Nowadays, many file upload sites do not have a search engine, as VipoSearch and have developed a search tool suitable for sites.

This search engine gives you the possibility to find all the files easily.

The easiest way to search Me ga Upload sites

What you need to do to discover hundreds of thousands of pieces of content is very simple.

  1. Log in to our VipoSearch site
  2. ind the content of the / from the search tools section
  3. Enter the name of the content you are looking for in the search bar on the page that opens and search for it

Thousands of results will be waiting for you.

What you can do with

Me ga, which broadcasts in 18 different languages, can reach almost millions of people geographically. There are many ways to upload files to the site, and thanks to the cross-device sync feature, you can see or share content that you upload from your mobile phone from a browser or computer application.

The Me ga platform, which has many more features in 2022, can now synchronize with NAS devices and back up your content from NAS device to Me ga or vice versa.

This site, which is preferred by both individual and corporate companies, really provides quality service that will compete with competitors such as Google Drive and Dropbox in today’s conditions.

Moreover, it also earns commissions for the files you upload as they are downloaded or for those you encourage to sell premium accounts.

Some of the biggest reasons that make me ga upload sites attractive are as follows;

  • 1 mobile application support
  • 2 PC application support
  • 3 Web-based interface to be able to control all files.
  • 4 Plugins allow you to manage your file storage interface and content more effectively.

Pro & Premium Account and Features

If you say that the 20 GB of storage that Me ga offers for free is not enough for me, you should have a Pro or Premium plan. The premium pro plan options that Me ga offers are quite a lot. If you want to get an individual, corporate, or a team plan, you should consider dozens of options.

Each plan provides an increase in various storage options. When you get one of the team plans, you can use a single account with more than one person. In the picture below you can check out the general features and prices of the Pro plans.

On this page prepared by VipoSearch for the Mega search engine, we have given you information about the site in general. and finding files on is now easier and much faster with Vipo Search.

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