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One of the most popular platforms that we come across when downloading files over the Internet is Media Fire. Although Media Fire is so popular, many users do not trust this platform. So, is it safe to download files from Media Fire? Let’s eliminate the question marks in your mind over the question of what is Media Fire.

What is MediaFire?

Media Fire is a cloud storage service that has been around since 2012, but it’s not just used as a cloud storage service; you can also easily share the files you upload here. So it would be more accurate to say that Media Fire is a file uploading, backup, sharing and downloading platform.

Media Fire, which you can access via the link here, offers its users 10 GB of cloud storage for free. With unlimited bandwidth and downloads, you can share your files in Media Fire via permanent or temporary connections, upload multiple times at the same time, and easily organize all those files.

Is it safe to download files from MediaFire?

Yes, it is safe to download files from Media Fire, which has been successfully serving for many years. It is possible to say this with certainty. Because Media Fire has a cloud virus protection system. This system scans all the files uploaded to the platform one by one and detects those that contain viruses or malware and prevents them from being shared.

Let’s open a parenthesis at this point. The Media Fire cloud virus protection system does not prevent infected files from being uploaded to the platform, but from sharing these files. So if you have an infected file, you can upload it to Media Fire, but you can’t share it with other users over a permanent or temporary link.

Of course, when we consider this huge mess of the internet world, we cannot say that all the files on any platform are safe. So it is also possible to download infected files from Media Fire. But the Media Fire cloud virus system is doing its best and at least trying to prevent such files from reaching other users.

How to search for files on Media Fire?

Media fire is a free site and millions of files are uploaded to its servers every day. You can follow the steps below on VipoSearch to perform a file search on Media fire.

  • Find Media fire content in
  • Click in the downloaded search box and type the file name or extension you want and press the
  • Search button
  • See results select and start downloading

With Vipo Search we reviewed the Media fire site today. The fact that it is free is a huge advantage and it is much more massive to discover these contents thanks to the Media fire file search engine.

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