Instance Search Format; Such as a Video game streams, Creative content, Talk shows and podcasts, Esports tournaments, Just Chatting, IRL (In Real Life), Music and more all. is a live streaming platform that primarily focuses on video game streaming, but also includes streams of creative content, music, talk shows, and more.

It was originally launched in 2011 as a subsidiary of and was later acquired by Amazon in 2014.

What kind of things can I search for on Twitch Tv?

On, you can search for a wide variety of content, including:

Video game streams: Twitch is primarily known for its video game streaming, so you can search for streams of your favorite games or streamers.

Creative content: Twitch also features streams of creative content, including art, music, cooking, and more.

Talk shows and podcasts: Many broadcasters on Twitch also host talk shows or podcasts on a variety of topics, such as politics, current events, or pop culture.

Esports tournaments: Twitch is a popular platform for esports tournaments, so you can search for streams of your favorite competitive games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Fortnite.

Just Chatting: This category is for streamers who just want to talk to their audience about anything they want. They might talk about their day, answer questions, or share personal stories.

IRL (In Real Life): This category is for streams that are not focused on gaming, creative content, or talk shows. This can include things like vlogs, travel streams, or outdoor adventures.

Music: Twitch also features streams of live music performances, DJ sets, and music production.

Overall, Twitch offers a diverse range of content that caters to different interests, making it an ideal platform for discovering new and engaging content. Twitch Search


In general, Twitch Search

Twitch has grown to become one of the largest live streaming platforms in the world, with millions of users and a variety of features for streamers and viewers alike.

Streamers on Twitch can broadcast their content live to an audience, while viewers can chat with the streamer and each other in real-time.

Twitch also offers a subscription system, which allows viewers to support their favorite streamers with a monthly fee and gain access to exclusive content and perks. Twitch Search

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