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Tezfiles, which has been published for over 10 years, is a file upload site that offers a single premium package and has very clear rules. With VipoSearch, you can search for files on Tezfiles, easily find and download the contents that interest you.

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Now we will take a look at what the Tezfiles.com offers features and how to search.

How to Use Tezfiles File Search Engine?

Using tezfiles.com search engine designed by VipoSearch with easy-to-use possibilities is quite simple. By following the steps below, you can easily find files, documents, videos, music, anime, and much more uploaded to the site.

  1. Log in to VipoSearch.com.
  2. Find the Tezfiles site in the search engines section and click on it.
  3. On the loaded page you will see the search bar, type the word or file you are looking for here.
  4. The results will be listed as you can download whatever you want.

Tezfiles File Upload, Capacity and Other Features

Uploading files onto Tezfiles is actually very simple, Normal members can easily upload a single file up to 5 GB in size via the browser via the drag-and-drop method. Moreover, you can earn money at various rates depending on the country where the files you upload are downloaded. Offering this feature at moneyplatform.biz, Tezfiles.com’s other sister sites include Fileboom and Keep2share. The site, which comes with a very simple and understandable interface, high speed, unlimited data usage, security and easy file upload are among the prominent features.

Uploading files to the site;

  • Log in.
  • Select the file to upload from the select and upload section on the main page.
  • The installation will start automatically and then it will give you the sharing link.

On the capacity side, the site allows regular members to upload a single file up to 5 GB in size. When you get a Premium account, you can upload a single file up to 10 GB in size.


People who are Premium members can watch videos online. So if a user has uploaded video content in extensions such as MP4, FLV, MPEG, you can watch it without downloading. Other prominent features are;

  • Downgrade at the final speed supported by your infrastructure.
  • Resume stopping during the download.
  • Virus protection.
  • Unlimited video previews.
  • High storage capacity.

In this content, we have taken a look at the Tezfiles search engine and other features offered by Vipo Search. If you want to find files on other sites that are not a search tool on the internet, be sure to add our site to favorites.

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