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Instance Search Format; Such as a file name (anime, video name, music name, or file extension (mp4, mp3, pdf, etc.)

Katfile.com, which is among the free cloud storage services, allows you to share content such as files, pictures, videos, audio. With VipoSearch you can quickly search on the kat file and easily download the files you find. Founded in 2016, kat file hosts millions of documents and files on its servers. Thanks to its easy screens, it allows them to download files quickly, while its high capacity allows you to transfer your files to remote people.

Search and Download Files on Katfile Servers

Katfile Search Engine

Katfile gives users 2048 GB, that is, about 2 TB of storage space. You can discover the files you share either by linking to your website or by sharing them on your social accounts. In such shares, your links are indexed by Google. Thanks to the VipoSearch kat file search engine, you can find shared links and easily search among them. The purpose of our site is to find all the files uploaded to katfile.com servers. In this way, you can download it faster and save time.

The Katfile search tool works in 3 stages;

  1. VipoSearch.com our website and find the kat file search engine.
  2. Type the word you will search for in the search engine on the page that opens and press the search button.
  3. Find the one that best fits your search from the results and download it.

Katfile Premium Account Features and Monetization Options

Katfile Premium Account

You need to get a premium account to download files from Kat file servers quickly and without waiting. You have four different options that are offered as 30, 90, 365 days and lifetime.

  • Premium members download fast.
  • Premium members download without waiting and without ads.
  • It will have the right to download files up to 200 GB.
  • They don’t get stuck on speed limits and can use the stop-start feature.

Katfile Affiliate System and Monetization

Let’s say you have a website and you share a file here. If you upload the files you will share here on the kat file, you can earn per download and sale. Kat file, which distributes revenue in figures varying by country per 1000 downloads, gives a high commission especially in premium sales.

Today we reviewed the katfile search engine and the general characteristics of the site. As we mentioned, VipoSearch.com to search kat file servers and other file upload sites are at your service.

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