Instance Search Format; Such as a file name (anime, video name, music name, or file extension (mp4, mp3, pdf, etc.), which went live in 2015, allows you to upload files easily and simply. We’ve developed the best search engine for, VipoSearch, so you can quickly find content and start downloading.

File Al, which is very popular among sites that offer free storage services, appeals to thousands of users with millions of content.

Thanks to its simple and easy interface, it is the choice of many people. It comes with features that generate income, especially for webmasters.

Find Everything Using File.Al Search Engine! gives all users who are members 1000 GB, that is, 1 TB of file upload space. You also have it within your daily download limits. To make the most of these limits, you should easily find the files you are looking for.

In short, use the VipoSearch search engine and immediately find files uploaded to site. Use your account more effectively with this infrastructure that brings you what you want among millions of results.

Steps to Search on File.Al;

  • Open the VipoSearch site and click Find service.
  • The search button and bar will come up here and type what you are looking for.
  • Review the results and click on what you need!
  • That’s it.

File.Al Premium Options and Prices

After subscribing to the site, you will see the premium menu. Thanks to the Premium feature, you can download files much faster, you will not see ads, you can use a download program and you can stop and start during the download.

File Al Premium Options and Prices

File Al Premium Options and Prices

By clicking on the table above, you can see the rights of free, premium and registered people.

If we look at the premium side, there are plenty and different payment options. The first option in handling two different types of premium is to get a premium account they have several options between daily and annual.

The Traffic option allows you to get extra download traffic. Because premium members are entitled to 30 GB of downloads per day, you will have to get additional traffic in case it is full.

As a result, as, we have prepared a search engine for and put it at your service. This tool is very useful and allows you to find thousands of contents while allowing you to navigate through files without getting lost.

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