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Instance Search Format; Such as a file name (anime, video name, music name, or file extension (mp4, mp3, pdf, etc.)

Ex-load is a cloud storage service founded in 2012. If you want to search for content in Ex-load.com, which has managed to continue its publication life until today, the VipoSearch Ex Load search engine is for you.

The biggest feature that makes this site stand out is that it offers unlimited storage to its premium users. Thus, it makes it easy to upload thousands of files and share content online.

Discover and Download Files with Ex-Load

With over 100,000 registered users, thousands of content, music, documents, videos, mp4s, anime and other files are uploaded to Ex-load every day. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to find these files on the site itself. Thanks to the VipoSearch.com, it is possible to search between ex load files. How?

It’s easy!

  1. Visit Vipo Search Find the Ex-load search engine
  2. Type what you’re looking for in the search bar such as the name of a document or the name of your favorite musician…
  3. Then the results will be listed in front of you and now it’s your turn!
  4. Find the ones that suit you from the results and start downloading.

Yes, it’s all that easy, and if you have a premium plan, you can easily download files with one click. Everything is possible with VipoSearch.

Monetize with Ex-load.com and Premium Account Plans

The bread gate for those who do ex-load file upload work. Especially if you have an audience with American visitors, it is possible to get very high profits.

The site pays its users for every 1000 downloads. In addition to downloading, if you mediate the sale of premium accounts, it gives you 60 percent income on each sale. These odds are really excellent. It is at a level where it can compete with competitors such as Turbobit and Hitfile.

The minimum payment amount is set at 20 euros. As the owner of VipoSearch, I can say that there was never a situation where I did not pay, whenever I accumulated money inside, Ex-load paid that we would get it in a short time. I leave a screenshot below.

ex-load make money payment screen

Advantages and Price of Having Premium

Everything has a price, but the value of the price paid for some things cannot be measured in money. If you often use the ex-load site, having a premium plan offers you some advantages. If we list them;

  • Offering unlimited storage
  • Ability to download files without speed limits
  • Ad-free file downloads
  • From 1TB to 16TB bandwidth depending on the premium plan you get

As you will see in the table above, there are four different premium account plans on the site.

The first plan gives 30 days and 1 TB bandwidth (download limit) The second plan offers 90 days and 3 TB of bandwidth, while the third plan gives a total of 8 TB of bandwidth with a gift of 180+60 days, while the last plan allows 365+120 days of total bandwidth of 16 TB.

Our main goal in this content is to enable you to use the Ex-load search engine prepared by Vipo Search.

In general, we have given you information about the site, there are hundreds of different sites such as Ex-load, when you search for any file on these sites, be sure to visit VipoSearch.com.

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