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Drop.download, which stands out as a cloud storage service, is a portal that has been serving in the sector for many years and delivering thousands of content to its visitors. You can upload all kinds of content to Drop Download servers, except for copyrighted materials. With VipoSearch, among music, videos and thousands of other content, you can find files uploaded to Drop Download servers with the help of search engine.

Find and Download All Content with Search Engine

With the number of members approaching one hundred thousand, thousands of contents are uploaded to Drop.Download servers every day. You need to find a search engine service to discover these contents and download them easily. VipoSearch.com are developing a custom search tool for hundreds of sites on the coast of Drop Download. In this way, it is possible to find the uploaded files on the servers using their names or extensions.

How to Use Drop Download Search

There are thousands of different pieces of content on this site, and it’s normally impossible to find them. It is possible to download files easily by following the steps below.

  • Log in to Viposearch.com site
  • Find the content that says Drop.Download on the page where the search engines are listed
  • Type the name of the content you are looking for in the search bar that comes up on the page that opens and works with Google infrastructure
  • You can quickly download the files by clicking on the results

Monetization with Drop Download and Premium Plans

As with other file upload sites, Drop Download pays you per download or sale for the content you upload and share. You also need to get a premium plan to get fast downloads.

How to Make Money

There are two different ways to make money with Drop Download. The first method is to become a member of the site, upload files and download these files on the internet or by sharing them with your friends. For every 1000 downloads, you can earn between $3 and $1 in revenue depending on the country downloaded. The most lucrative countries are England and America.

Another earning method is to mediate the sale of premium. When you enter the user interface of the site you will find the Affiliate link. When you make the premium sale by sharing this, you are given a certain amount of commission. For example, if you broker a $ 100 sale, you are paid $ 50.

Drop.Download Premium User Features

Users with a premium membership can upload files with a much higher size, quickly download the files they find in the VipoSearch Drop.Download search engine without waiting. The 7 day, 30 day, 90, 180 and 365 day plans have the current prices in the picture below.

Premium User Features

Accounts that are members of the site but do not have a premium plan can upload a single file up to 5 GB and get a total of 10 TB of storage. Premium users can upload up to 40 GB of single files and get unlimited storage. People with a premium account can quickly download with download manager programs without waiting time.

All in all Drop.Download interface is a pretty good cloud storage site with storage capacity and ease of use. With the VipoSearch.com search engine, you can find the content uploaded here, select the files you want to download by discovering the results, and easily start downloading by pinpointing from the results.

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